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Get impounded cars

How do I . . .get my impounded car back?


How do I get my car back that has been "impounded" to a tow yard by the Sheriff's Office?
Before paying the tow & storage bill and picking up your vehicle from the tow company, you will need to get an Impound Release Form in person at the Sheriff's Office by providing:

1. The registered owner per DMV records.
2. A driver with a valid Driver License.
3. Proof of current insurance (This document should include the impounded vehicle's vehicle identification number, policy number, expiration date, insurance company's name and phone number for verification purposes).
4. $125 cash or money order.

NOTE: Release forms are only available Monday-Friday (except holidays) from 8:30AM - Noon and 1:00PM - 5:00PM

How do I get my car back that has been towed as a "DUII Forfeiture" by the Sheriff's Office?
If you have had three DUII arrests within the last 10 years, your vehicle may have been towed as a forfeiture per ORS 809.720(b). Please call the County Counsel's Office (541) 265-4108 to see if you qualify to get your vehicle back.

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How do I get stuff out of my car that's been towed?
If your vehicle has been "impounded" to a tow yard, you should contact the tow company directly regarding your personal property. They may allow you to get your registration and proof of insurance out of the vehicle so you can complete the Impound Release Form at the Sheriff's Office.

If your vehicle has been towed as a "DUII Forfeiture," contact the Sheriff's Office Property Technician at (541) 265-4912 to set up an appointment to receive your property. This does not include anything that is attached to the vehicle.

How do I get my seized or recovered property back?
If your property has been seized as evidence or is recovered stolen property, you will need to fill out a Property Release Request Form with the Lincoln County District Attorney's Office. The DA will send a response to the requester and the Sheriff's Office Property Technician. You will then need to make an appointment with the Sheriff's Office Property Technician where you will provide identification and proof of ownership. If you fail to make an appointment we may be unable to release your property when you arrive.

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